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I’ve long held an admiration for those clever, IT savvy people who have their own websites; they’re such a great way to communicate your message in the modern world. Well, thanks to a helping hand from the publisher of my new book, ‘A bass angler’s life’, I now have my own, so I can spend even more time thinking and writing about bass!
As well as publicising and selling the book, I hope to use the website to continue the story where this leaves off, through my blog. I aim to make regular posts covering bass fishing, bass research, campaigning for better bass stocks, and all things marine. Please also check out my picture gallery, which I will be updating regularly.
Hope you enjoy!
The photo above (courtesy of John Tisdale) is of me with a 62cm bass caught on a Fiiish Black Minnow.

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About Robin Bradley

I’m a confirmed bass nut, and DoLiveaholic! That’s not to say I only fish with soft plastics; I’m also a fan of plugs, particularly surface plugs, and bait fishing. I don’t profess to be the World’s greatest bass angler, but I have had a degree of success, and have a lot of experience. I’ve spent over thirty years chasing bass from the shores of Cornwall, where I live, and elsewhere. READ MORE

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