About me

I’m Robin Bradley, a confirmed bass fishing nut, and DoLiveaholic! That’s not to say I only fish with soft plastics; I’m also a fan of plugs, particularly surface plugs, and bait fishing.

I don’t profess to be the World’s greatest bass angler, but I have had a degree of success, and have a lot of experience. I’ve spent over thirty years chasing bass from the shores of Cornwall, where I live, and elsewhere.

I’m fortunate enough to have retired from my job as a Hospital Biomedical Scientist, and take every opportunity to indulge my love of bass fishing. I spend most days on the coast with my faithful retriever Toby (when he can manage it!). That’s when I’m not collecting bait, looking for new fishing places, or just enjoying the coastline, wildlife, plants, places, and history of this wonderful County. I even find time to campaign for better bass stocks, get involved in local bass research, and record stranded marine animals.

The photo above (courtesy of Bryn LePoidevin) is of me fishing a stunning sunset on Guernsey.