Remi Naftel, Guernsey (15.7.19): “This has been released today by a good friend & committee member of BASS. It’s 30 years of bass fishing with lure and bait, very interesting and full of knowledge.”

Simon De La Mare, Guernsey (24.7.19): “I have just finished reading your book and absolutely loved it. It made me laugh, especially the parts with the  stories about the dog. Combining my love and passion for dogs and fishing did it for me.

There are some very interesting facts about fishing which I did not know, but then I don’t think I will ever stop learning about bass fishing. Come the autumn I am going to be experimenting with big baits, and also spinning in the dark, something that I am already doing but your book has given me more confidence with it. You have also fuelled my addiction with fishing lures; so many colours of dolive sticks, and so many lures you have mentioned.

The stories on red letter days were fantastic. I can picture them as I am reading them  like I am there with you they were so well written.

There is only one problem that I can see with reading your book that is how much it has fuelled my passion and obsession with bass fishing. Every time I drive along the coast all I am thinking about is ohh that looks bassie and I must try there.

I will read your book again in the future. I  have read Hooked on Bass at least 4 times. I will also recommend it to others. I have been asked a lot by young anglers about bass fishing, and have always been happy to pass on hints and tips and have taken a few fishing if they have asked. I have always told them to read Hooked on Bass and now I will add your book to this list.”

Alan Vaughan, Brixham (25.7.19): “This book is a delight for anyone interested in bass. Robin is a very accomplished bass angler who writes eloquently and with humour, taking you on a journey which is his discovery of the bass fishing in Cornwall. This is a must-have book.”

Richard Brandon, Pelynt nr Looe (28.7.19):  “Any angler who enjoys considered and open-minded writing will be captivated and inspired by Robin Bradley’s book. His deep and extensive experience is conveyed in a thought-provoking and modest style perfectly balanced with a memorable sense of humour, particularly when describing the antics of his eccentric fishing dog Toby.

It is so refreshing to read an angling book that avoids tired formats, an example being an early chapter on “People”. It’s full of snapshots of highly-individual bass anglers in an amusing and celebratory way. Similarly the chapter on “Places” vividly captures the atmosphere and challenges of remote bass haunts.

Throughout this attractively-produced book the author creates an impressive backdrop of the majestic Cornish and Guernsey coasts with their secluded and sometimes eerie marks.

‘A Bass Angler’s Life’  is impressively original. A book that is both remarkable and one that will endure as long as anglers seek this intriguing species.

Sallie Eden, Roseland Online Newsletter (1.8.19).

Sea Angler Magazine (issue 574):  Bass angler, campaigner and now author, Robin Bradley reflects back over 30 years spent on the shore targeting his favourite species. Basically, Robin describes his journey into bass angling, the people who’ve inspired him and plenty of interesting stories and encounters along the way. It’s honest, entertaining and absolutely packed with factual fishing stories.

Ted Tuckerman, Facebook (4.9.19).

David Kelly (9.9.19): “Delightfully unassuming in style yet entertaining and informative, ‘A Bass Angler’s Life’ is a thoroughly readable account of one man’s life spent in pursuit of the UK’s premier sporting sea fish.  But this is no one dimensional book about fishing methods and results.  Rather it also contains a collection of anecdotes, insights and reflections by the author and as such will appeal not just to anglers, but also to those who appreciate  the coastline in its wider context.”

Toby Coates (9.10.19): “I literally finished your book last night and thoroughly enjoyed it from cover to cover. It is really refreshing to read a book that touched upon all of the other distractions that we have to cope with in our day to day lives whilst we constantly dream about the perfect tide! Congratulations on the book!”